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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I set up an appointment with you? 

 -Due to high demand, please watch whether my books are open or not to submit a contact form. I only am able to get a certain amount of projects in before I close my books. As my career has grown, I want to focus on creating my own original pieces to transferred onto skin and limiting my commission projects.

But feel free to submit your ideas, as I take the time to read emails and respond even if they may take me a few days to get to. I take drawing ideas and pin them for personal projects and post designs fairly frequently on my Instagram. 

  • Can I book with you through Instagram DMs or Facebook?

-That's a trick question. None of the above. The best way to get into my books is directly through my contact form or my email. I will ONLY accept emails. My contact form helps streamline details about your tattoo in the first initial message. Generally all messages on IG and Facebook just sit in a request folder. I take the time to respond to all emails as promptly as I can. To avoid multiple inboxes, forgetting to respond, or a message left behind--sticking to email allows me to stay organize.

I ask if you are seriously inquiring, to take the time to read how my books work to have a deeper understanding for my personal books and how it helps streamline my work into one area. It helps compartmentalize messages and inquiries in one place to correspond to clients and avoid double booking and provides a thread I can go back and look at. 

  • How far do you book out?

-I generally like to only stay booked out for about 4-6 months to plan around any sudden life changes, emergencies, and vacations. Over time, I really try to prioritize work balance, personal and family life, and my mental care and health! :')

  • When do your books open? 

-Due to high demand, I will generally make an announcement​ on my Instagram page when my books/commissions will be open. I know I can't take on everyone's project and due to the demand, I am able to be selective on what projects I take on. I will generally see and take on about 15-20 people/projects. It is no longer a first come first serve basis as I will allow the day I open my books to review over what project resonates with me. Because I am at a high demand, I will be buried in emails and will take a a few days to go through all the submitted inquiries.

  • What day does your consultations fall on?

-I am hoping to now switch consultations to virtual /Zoom meetings after COVID-19. It has been a game changer and solution for not only the pandemic but my safety. To not go in massive details, I did have someone who stalked me in 2019 and try not to have my work hours something very publicly known, I am running things as appointment only. Rather than compiling people into a day and having too public of information about my work hours to avoid possible stalking behaviors. 

  • How much is a deposit?

-Generally I just ask of $50 deposit that goes all towards the total cost of your tattoo and to reserve a time in my books.​

  • Is the deposit refundable or nonrefundable?

-It is nonrefundable. And your deposit can be forfeited if you 1) Do a no call no show. 2) Do not reschedule with a 48 hour notice. 3) Change of concept, which means you change your idea from what you originally commission me for. So please take in regards my time, think over your ideas and what you want, collect them together to be discussed, and any references printed when coming to commission a project. ​

  • How to reschedule?

-All I ask is good communication from my clients! I kindly ask to simply consider my time and regards of my schedule to at least give me a 48 hour notice if you are unable to make it to our appointment. You are free to call the shop or email me directly. Due to COVID-19, I completely access every circumstance individually and understand emergency situations.

  • What is your hourly rate?

-I generally charge by piece and size than I do by an hourly rate but that can be closely reflected around 150+ p/hr. ​

  • Do you decline any potential clients or projects? 

-Yes, I do. If I feel like there is another artist that can meet your needs and vision, I'll happily direct you. There will ​just be times where there are projects I may not be particularly drawn in doing, or better put, feeling like it's in my vision of creativity and style.

Beyond that, I simply do not tolerate a 'no call, no show'. If you cannot make it, I simply always ask clients for a 48 hour notice, but of course, life happens and emergencies do come up which I'm completely understanding about. At the end of the day, I just ask for communication and being in the contact if you can't make it.

  • Do you do cover ups? 

-Generally, I prefer not to. Unfortunately, it isn't something I prefer doing nor choose to specialize in. Although, I can give you my professional opinion/insight and see if that's something I'm comfortable in helping you with or happily redirect you to someone who ​will be able to look at it and take care of that for you.

  • Will you tattoo the inner lip? or my face? hands?

-Lips are a no go for me. Face and hand tattoos I definitely prefer that you're inked up quite a bit before you venture to higher "job- killer" tattoo so to speak. Although I see tattoos growing less taboo and more accepted in society in the upcoming years. As my own artist integrity, I prefer to not to jeopardize lives or opportunities that could deter someone from getting a job and to rethink those areas at a younger age. 

  • How can I know when you have any openings in your schedule or from a rescheduled appointment?

-The best way to keep up with what I'm doing is simply following me on Instagram--that's where I am most active. I generally will post a story update on my instagram informing that I have some time availability for someone to slip in. It does help to have your post notifications on from me on Instagram to be notified right away when I post anything, whether it is an opening in my schedule or my books.

Also, I feel like I should add, that when I do advertise a spot it generally gets filled fairly quick within 5-30 minutes after posting. 

  • I found a design off your IG's "UP 4 GRABS' highlights, how do I go about reserving the design and booking a time with you?

-Even if my books are closed from commission, you are more than welcome to send me a message about reserving the premade design. When it comes to premade designs and things I specifically drew up wanting to do--you get a slip right into my schedule. I will be in contact with you to reserve the design and throw you dates of my next availability to fit you in for it.​

  • Do you accept cash,card, or checks?

-I do accept cash and card. Our shop doesn't take checks. ​

  • I am interested in learning how to tattoo? Will you teach me? How do I get into the tattoo industry?

-That's awesome! There's a lot that goes into tattooing beyond knowing how to draw, it's being discipline, book keeping/ time management, and problem solving. I can only teach so many people while balancing my career and a shop and want to only focus on one apprentice for about at least a year to two without juggling another. Although I see that it's hard to get into the industry and a reputable shop, I still want to provide helpful advice for young artists about social media management, networking, and ways to improve your portfolio and work to garner opportunities of your own. Even if I cannot give you the opportunity to learn directly under me, I can help with constructive critique for an individual to stand out and improve their artwork.

I will not give advice for machines or equipment if you are not licensed and not under a mentor to properly teach you right/wrong. It unfortunately discredits the amount of hard work and teaching that goes behind learning and paying someone for their time to teach you adequately and the health risks provided that you are working with blood and needles. Think of an apprenticeship fee as taking a college course, preventing malpracitice, and supporting small businesses for your own long term career.