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Omaha, NE




I need protection. Resources. Rest. 

Hi friends. as some of you are aware. I make up 4% of the asian population in Nebraska -- a red state where segregation is real and minorities being pitted against each other to do just as europeans have done to our people -- kill us off or even have our own people be threatened to bend to their whims and power. 

I am the only Asian Women owned shop in Nebraska. And I need your help and protection. 8 years in this industry has not been easy for me being discredited, minimized, erased, had lies spewed of-- deadly lies to ensue further violence towards me. 

I need this time to stop broadcasting and giving the emotional labor I have to share and I need to start to protect that energy and hone in my resources. I've been proven I have an amazing community I've built and found within Nebraska. 

I need to be reminded that the right people will see me through on this and there will be collective change because we see things differently now. I am going through the process of self advovacy and understanding even more the systemic things in place to oppress PoC from speaking up about their mistreatment -- it gets summed into that I am crazy and I need help. I do need help to confront the racism and continue to advocate for myself and pave a new way for anyone who going to have access on this new journey with me.


Due to limited resources and availability-- If you're interested in this downloadable illustration/ print, I just ask if you do and to take the time to donate $1+ (some love) my way and the amount of your choice my way. I am a firm believer that every little thing adds up. Enjoy!

Patience is key at this time. At this time, please respect my privacy and broadcasting but help me create the noise and amplify my voice by telling my stories and taking this leap with me. Thank you.

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Garfield Florida Beach Phone x Kim Possible

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FUndraising for NEBRASKA AR.
Abortion resources

Printable Prochoice Designs .JPG

Hi friends. I wanted to help our friends-- who were so generous to give us some resources, stickers, and PLAN B to pass along to our patrons when they come into for their appointment.

To return the favor, this nonprofit organization relies heavily on donations and volunteer work. Due to limited resources and availability-- feel free to take these designs to another artist of your choosing to get it done. If you're interested in this coloring sheet, I just ask if you take one of these designs and use them for any reason especially getting it tattooed, to take the time to donate $1+ of your amount choice to NebraskaAR directly.  Enjoy!

Printable Pro Choice Designs.JPG

F R E E   P R I N T A B L E S

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